Kayla's Story

  Tuesday 22nd October, 2013
  Author: Phil Walters
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I’ve talked over the years of my dream

that every believer should have a goal of starting a regular get together held anywhere – with two or three friends or acquaintances (preferably not-yet-Christians). The long-term goal must be a group where faith is shared, and members become devoted followers (disciples) of Jesus,

My 15 year old granddaughter has a story to tell along these lines. I trust and pray that you will catch Kayla’s enthusiasm and confident actions that brought her vision to fruition.

Hey nan and pop! It’s Kayla here!

Today was Tuesday which means J.A.S Group at school. J.A.S group is a lunch time group me and a friend started. JAS stands for “Jesus At School”. We started it a few months ago but as it went along 3 people would show up as we started this group. All we could do was pray and stay expectant.

As weeks went along 10 people came and it blew my mind. I was so happy and thankful that they showed up. After that we would bring free food every week to pretty much bribe people into coming. Sabina (older sister) is our ‘Catering Manager’. She stays up to all hours of the morning baking goods for the good! She is greatly appreciated! Well the term was over and 10 people was our highest amount that came and heard about God.

When this school term started my friend and I were expectant and remained faithful towards this group. I started an instagram account which is a social media site posting photos. I post a flyer every week outlining what is happening, who is speaking and where it will be. 10 people soon became 15 and then 20 and one week there was 30 kids sitting in the science room (we were lucky enough to have) and hear the word of God. We have students from all denominations sharing their testimonies, opinions and thoughts. My Muslim friend never misses a week! One time she said she almost forgot to come but she felt God telling her to go. We even had an autistic girl (Bethany) who shared the word about ‘Destiny’. Later that day I went up to see her. We got talking about Jesus and his love for her. I asked if she had given her heart to The Lord and she wasn’t sure. I asked her if she wanted to pray a prayer with me inviting Jesus into her life and she said “ok.”! So she repeated the prayer after me and I explained how there is a party in heaven and that is the best decision she could make. She was over the moon that she is now a Christian!

We were lucky enough to move to the library! I always wanted to have that room because I noticed that’s where kids with no friends hang out. From starting in the library we often have ‘strays’ walk in! My friend and I create invitation cards out of train tickets and playing cards and we hand them around the school. We are so lucky to have the Christian librarian who supports us 110%! He even wants us to put posters up advertising the group when other teachers said we could only advertise by word of mouth!

At Church Youth Group

I had on my heart to start a ‘be the change meeting’ at church for the youth-age kids. I wanted to start this because it occurred to me that, it’s about the power of one young person accepting Jesus into their life to changing their entire world! Anyway I was talking to mum and Sabina about it and they were so encouraging and said it was a great idea! I was then talking to my friends at Youth Group about it and they said that they were so angry this week about their school and school friends. Then I knew it wasn’t my own conscience saying this but it was God. I was talking to this kid called Martin who is doing crazy things in his school. He fasted and prayed over his school for 1 year and he is now reaping from that. Hundreds of kids show up to his lunch time group and surrender their lives to Jesus! He is only 15 and is prepared to save his whole school of 900 kids by the power of Jesus Christ!!!!! I asked him if he wanted to help me start the group at church, and he was over the moon too! We met 4:15 before the night church service. 13 kids from Youth came. I was encouraging them about getting out of the boat like Peter did and keeping their eyes focused on Jesus and being set apart from what everyone else says about them at school. Martin and I were saying to these kids, what works and how to start a group. I prayed over everyone who came. We are meeting every Sunday, 4:15 pm to pray over our schools.

In conclusion; hahaha!!

Today was the last J.A.S Group of the school term before the holidays start. Oh my goodness God is good! Nan and Pop listen up now: 50 PEOPLE CAME THROUGH THE DOORS! I was in awe. I preached about anything and everything that was in my notes. But my main point I was getting across was Gods LOVE for each one of them. Nan and Pop listen up now: I did an alter call and 3 people gave their lives to Jesus. I couldn’t even focus the rest of the school day but I had to because my teacher I had next yells at you if you press the wrong button on your calculator! Haha. Revival is happening in our city and its not going to stop! I can not wait to see what next term has to offer! When we started J.A.S, my friend’s and my goal was a 100 kids by the end of the year! We are already half way there! And we never doubt what God can do.

Anyways, hope your house is not too much of a shemasal. Remember: Romans 8:18

‘The pain you’re in can’t compare to the joy that is coming!’

Love to you all! Kayla"

Trust you’ve caught the fire. Now spread the flame!