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KATE BROWN is married to Phil Brown (Oikos Director) and together with their 4 children, Brayden, Ellyse, Jamison, Kieran, they reside in Eagle Point in south-eastern Victoria

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Disciples making disciples

  Monday 1st August, 2016
  Categories: missional
  Topic(s): Discipleship

What do you do when your new missional group leaders, have dozens of members in their groups wanting baptism? You start with baptising...

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The Parting Gift

  Friday 1st August, 2014
  Author: Kate Brown
  Categories: Discipleship

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What Am I Shooting For?

  Saturday 1st March, 2014
  Author: Kate Brown
  Categories: youth, families

My journey into missional faith communities and raising my children as passionate disciples of Jesus has been a similar journey, the...

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