Betty’s Remarkable Healing

  Saturday 16th November, 2013
  Author: Phil Walters
  Categories: stories, healing
  Topic(s): Healing

The following story came through from Roger Coggins, from Glenbrook, NSW, who wrote, “I thought you would be thrilled to read the attached story from one of our home church members, Betty. She is now 83 and one of our core founding members.”

Last week my good friend Roger who comes with his wife Margaret to the church we hold in my home, and works for Wesley Mission, visited a gentleman in the course of his work. He found two Pastors who worked together on the lower Blue Mountains and heavily involved in a prayer and healing ministry. They hold a service every Thursday morning at the rear of our regional Christian bookshop, and Roger suggested it may be an idea for me to go to one of their services.

So I went yesterday (31 Oct 2013) wearing my neck collar and using my walker. We sang a number of hymns and then one of the men preached for about 15-20 minutes. There were about 15 people and each one shared how God had helped them.

Then the attention turned to me. I told them that I had been crippled from birth; they asked me for details so I told then I had my left leg and foot considerably shorter than my right leg; I had degenerative spinal disease and was considered by the medical authorities as a chronic pain patient. I had very limited movement in my neck; I could only raise my left arm 45 degrees, my left side was too weak to allow me to do much and my left hand was incapable of holding even a cup of coffee.

I told them that many people asked how I managed. I have always said that it is to prove to people that I revere God even though I could have given up years ago. The minister said that I have been wrong in doing this and that I could, and should have asked God to heal me. He reminded me how Jesus had cured the deaf and blind, raised Lazarus from the dead and healed all who came to him, and that he could do this for me.

With my permission, the people then began to lay their hands on me and pray. They asked God to lengthen my left leg, and as I watched, it did just that! They prayed in Jesus name, thanking Him each time for my leg and foot and ankle to be whole. As I looked I could see my leg moving down and my foot and ankle adjusting until both my feet were flat on the floor and, in alignment.

They then asked me to raise my left arm – I could only get it up about 45 degrees – and they laid hands and prayed over my arm. I found that I could raise it right up as high as it should be able to go. They thanked Jesus every time and asked for strength in my hand. I have never been able to hold a glass of water in my left hand, yet they gave me a large bottle, about 18 inches high and full of water, and I lifted it high over my head! They also ran their hands down my spine, praying for the degeneration to go, then my hips, which they said were also not sitting properly.

Lastly they prayed for my pain and asked me to move my neck. I have only ever had limited movement and could now move it freely. All this time they were either praying and speaking in tongues, and thanking Jesus. I was thanking Jesus too, and although I was in tears all the time, I thanked Him for each healing as it took place.

We then went into the Christian bookshop for coffee. As we were leaving they asked me to push my walker with my left hand, in and out of the displays in the shop, and I did so all the way back to my car.

I just had to tell everyone about this miracle after 83 years, and praise God for it.

Love you all. I hope you find this interesting and inspiring. Please join with me in praising Jesus for His undying love for all who believe.