Multiplication in Australia

  Sunday 7th April, 2019
  Author: Phil Brown

At Oikos, we are thinking about multiplication. With 25.5 million Australians, only 52% identify themselves as Christian – this opportunity is one we are passionate about impacting!

Did you know that one pair of rabbits can end up with 4 million offspring in only 4 years time? That is rapid growth!

Does your group, simple church or disciple-making strategy – have a clear plan where those in your group, clearly know how they can train to equip others to disciple new people and plant new groups/churches.

“If not, your strategy may need to be adjusted. Everything you do in disciple-making must pass the test of reproducibility. When we make things too complicated, we don’t get “rabbit” churches that multiply quickly” - DMMS Frontier Missions"

Many things stand in the way of this kind of rapid multiplication of disciples. The main problem is that we over-complicate discipleship and evangelism activities. We must keep our discipleship training simple, inexpensive and easy to learn. Then we can quickly reproduce disciple-makers and be training others.
There is great hope for a movement to be launched in Australia if we keep things simple and reproducible.

How are you doing in raising up and releasing others? Does your group know how to share the gospel, invite people to Jesus, what to do if someone says yes? Do you have a vision for growth & raising up others?

2 Timothy 2:2 is our guide. Paul trained Timothy. Timothy trained faithful men. They trained many others. And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.
2 Timothy 2:2 NIV

That’s multiplication. That’s generational growth. It’s what we do to see Oikos and other networks become a Disciple-Making movement!!

Who are you developing as under you? Who are you passing the baton too? Effective disciple making involves multiplication of simple churches and disciples.

You need to have a BIG VISION, CLEAR PATH, SIMPLE & REPRODUCIBLE SKILLS. Oikos hosts regular free online coaching/training sessions ‘DISCIPLEMAKING 101’ that will help you develop a plan for your Disciple making ministry – email us at and we can link you into the next online training session