A New Years Focus

  Tuesday 24th January, 2017
  Author: Phil Brown
  Categories: missional, Simple Church
  Topic(s): General, Discipleship

A New Years focus …

Multiplying “little things done with much love….”

With the commencement of a new year is a time when many people make resolutions and reflections on what they will or won't do in the coming year. Most of these promises fade with the end of the first month.
I have found myself dreaming about this year as I find that it is vital to reflect and establish priorities and goals. Someone wisely said that the “unreflected life isn’t worth living” A life lived with goodness intentionality and purpose often draws attention and emulation.

One such lady is Mother Teresa who lived a simple life serving the poorest of the poor in Calcutta and other places. A couple of years ago I had the privilege of visiting her simple residence and room where she slept and reading of her life which was so focused for good.
She is quoted as saying “we cannot do great things, only small things with great love. It is not how much you do, but how much love you put into doing it.”

We all long for the big things that will dramatically move the Kingdom of God forward in Australia and other places this year but I’m coming to more and more to see the wisdom of this insight - that if we all by Gods grace and leading do small things with much love this year it will have an impact across the nation, as life after life is touched. This is like the ripple caused by a stone thrown into a river that spreads ripples out across the water surface in ever widening arcs.

I hear of many small exciting things happening across our nation and pray that it will increase as the kingdom of God gains momentum in impacting this nation.

Hmm – what does this mean for me this week?...