The Gospel and the Kingdom

  Thursday 10th April, 2014
  Author: Phil Brown
  Categories: missional
  Topic(s): Mission

At its core the Gospel is the good news of what Jesus has accomplished for us in His death and ressurection and the free gift of forgiveness and eternal life that he offers us.

However we must not miss the message of Jesus was also about the kingdom of God which is where the rule of God exists in peoples lives and communities. Where God’s rule is in place, there is peace, joy, healing, blessing, justice , compassion and all the many characterisitics of God’s kingdom. As we bring the good news to people, it must a be good news in the wholistic sense just as Jesus brought healing , deliverance and the life of God into the lives and communiites that he interacted with. The Gospel of the kingdom brings hope, lifts people from the clutches of poverty and abuse, brings health and healing, restores families, and changes lives. Our world so much needs the goodnes of the kingdom to be both proclaimed and to be demonstated. When people taste the kingdom they are often open to listen to the message of the king.