The Parting Gift

  Friday 1st August, 2014
  Author: Kate Brown
  Categories: Discipleship

"The Parting Gift" is a 6 minute short film that illustrates the message Jesus taught, that God relentlessly pursues all of us with His love.

The film is distributed within a mobile app that helps individuals use the film to easily explain the message of Jesus to people who want to learn more about it.

The film is about a woman who leaves on a long journey without saying goodbye to the man she loves. She begins to fear he has given up on her, never realising he is fiercely pursuing her and only an arm's reach away...

This is a fabulous tool for you to use to start a spiritual conversation & share Gods heart with others. To find it go to the APP Store and type in "The Parting Gift", or go to their website and follow the links.

This resource was produced in Australia - we love it & highly recommend it!