Hey Its Destiny!

  Monday 1st September, 2014
  Author: Destiny Matesic
  Categories: youth
  Topic(s): Youth

The following Facebook post was posted on the Oikos Facebook page by Destiny Matesic and is reproduced as posted - well almost - some minor editing has been done to make it readable to a non-texting generation.

We later contacted Destiny and asked her to fill us in with a little more of her journey. Destiny is one of the children of Cris and Ailsa Matesic, Albion Park, NSW

Hi my name is Destiny. I'm 14 and I love Jesus. Over the past few years I've grown very close in my relationship with Jesus and have had a few very supportive people encouraging me and keeping me accountable throughout my journey. I thought I'd share some great opportunities I’ve had with the people around me as part of God's awesome plan he has for me!!!

When I was living in the Southern Highlands (New South Wales) in year 5, my mum and Amanda (very close family friend, HUGE role model) and I, felt like God wanted us to get a group of friends together and hang out and share the truth of Jesus with them. So it kind of just happened by inviting a few friends along (having little knowledge of God). Each Friday we'd get together, hang out and talk about Jesus and learn to keep each other accountable throughout the week. Many other kids from school started to come too. It planted a seed in each and every girl and a few boys’ lives.

Out of the majority of the people, Reahna, a good friend of mine, was the one always questioning God. But now we are all in high school she is the one who is continuing her relationship with Jesus and living it out!!! Amanda meets with her weekly (as I’ve moved down the Coast now). They keep each other accountable in prayer etc. About a week after making her decision we went down to Kiama and Amanda and I baptized her in the ocean. It was very encouraging.

I have recently moved down to Albion Park and started at the local high school. I enjoy the school because at the moment everyone is a ‘not yet Christian’, so everyday I’m challenged to share my faith and act as a follower of Jesus. I’ve had so many great opportunities to share my faith with heaps of friends and students in my year. Often it’s difficult to be different and not follow the crowd but I am learning to be myself and fear God, not man.

I had an awesome conversation with one of my friends and I stepped out in faith and asked her if she wanted to read the Bible with me. She said yes at first, but long story short, now I’m just trusting Jesus to work in her heart. Also for many more opportunities like these.

I find it important to say to someone who I’m sharing my faith with that believing and living for Jesus doesn’t make you some crazy religious person. But that it’s a relationship. Also I like to share what I believe is truly church. One example I use is how I have church at breakfast with my brothers and parents. We read the bible, talk to Jesus, pray for each other and pray for our friends at school etc.

I’ve been learning recently from Jesus that my actions are bigger then my words. Also I need to give every day over to God and to be obedient. Reading my bible consistently and learning to understand it. I need to pray to God for people and be expectant.

With Jesus alongside me I want to help others come to know the truth, so that they can be followers of our God. I know that Jesus has a great plan for me, that has already began, and I want to encourage any other younger people to go out into the world and be children of God, fearing only him and not people. A real challenge for all! 1 Timothy 4:12 says, Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example to the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.